August 2020 update

It has been a few weeks since the last update, so what has been happening on TDF.

The transitions from the bridges have arrived and installed, and currently I am looking at the landscape around the bridges to blend them in, hopefully this will be finished by the end of the months and photos with an update to the Water Feature page will follow.

I also decided that I needed (or should that be wanted) a wagon to carry a camera around the circuit and take video footage, a few trials have been carried out and the wagon is nearing completion.  A new page will be added that takes the reader through my trials and tribulations of the wagon design and the camera itself.

Lastly for this update, I have two Bachman Jackson Sharpe coaches, one already updated and painted burgundy, the second in the process of painting and updating, I also have a Bachman Caboose, and the work to paint and update this has been carried out in parallel with the coach as a lot of the work is similar.  when finish photos again will follow.