Bachmann Jackson Sharpe Refurb

Last year I bought two used Bachmann Jackson Sharpe carriages, with the intention of refurbishing them.  Late last year I managed the first, but did not document any of the work.  I have have just finished the second one and this is the work carried out:

  • Repaint
  • Metal railings​
  • E5 screw in LEDs​
  • Removal of metal strip connections for lights and replaced with wires​
  • Passengers​
  • Metal wheels

The bogies were removed, followed by the chassis and floor, finally the roof was taken off.  All the glazing was removed, some having been glued, and the metal strips providing power from the battery to the lights was removed.

A light rub down with 180 grade wet and dry, the roof was masked (staying black) and a coat primer applied inside and out to the two body parts.  As with all the painting, drying time was allowed between each stage.  The outside was then masked and the inside painted in a light cream using a “rattle can”.  The inside masked and the outside sprayed Burgundy.  Decals applied (these were specially produced for the TDF) and finally a coat of lacquer applied to protect the decals and with some UV protection for the paint.


The lights in the roof were first to worked with the lamps being replaced with 12 volt E5 screw-in LEDs.  New wiring was added to replace the metal strips that power the lights, I found on my first refurbish, these to be a source of poor continuity.  The lights and glazing fitted in the Clerestory and the roof fitted to the main body.

New widows cut for the doors at each end and glued in position.  The main windows were then fitted to ensure the wiring ran along the grove in the centre of the windows, no glue used to fit these.

Some seated figures were added, however though the correct scale, they were  tight fit, and feet were removed to ease their fitting.

The next task was to replace the hand rails and balcony end rails.  the hand rails were fashioned from 1/16″ brass tube and loco handrail knobs, the balcony end rails are S&D white metal castings.

The light wires were soldered to the chassis connection, ensuring the connections were correct for the LEDs and the chassis was then fitted in place.

Finally Bachmann metal wheel were fitted in the bogies and the bogies refitted

The two photos above show the general finish of the carriage.

The photo to the left details the the balcony details of the brass hand rails, and the S&D white metal balcony end rails

The bottom photos show the two carriages together.