One of the deciding factors when building my railway was to run “Live Steam”, and earlier this year I invested in a new Round House Fowler.  Over the past months I have made this loco my own by decals and and name plates, the last BIG item was to have a  real steam whistle fitted.

I opted for the DJB Engineering, and being a new loco, and as I do not have access to the necessary workshop equipment I asked DJB to carry out the fitting as part of his service. The company was contacted, and I was placed on the waiting list. Eventually I was informed me they were now in a position to take the loco, which was posted.
I had an email to inform me the loco was ready for and duly paid the bill
Yesterday was the day to test my new whistle. A little slow to raise steam, but I assume that was the cool ambient temperature, but, steam up and away. The instructions inform any condensation in the whistle needs to released, and the whistle needs to warm, so once I had got the “hang” of it, it is quite impressive.