Mini-Mike’s visit


Mini-Mike (Mike) is a model figure based on a member of a forum, he travels from Garden Railway to Garden Railway where he is shown around the railway, with a narrative. This is the story of Mike’s visit to Tumble down Falls Railway.

Mike arrived at the Wagon and Horses for his visit to the Tumble down Falls Railway on Somerset Day (11 May), and was invited to the (Covid safe) gathering in the pub garden, unfortunately, due to restrictions the press were not invited:

Mike on his walk from the Coach and Horses to the Tumble Down Falls Railway (TDF) station of Wyvern Halt took in a few sites:

First were the Japanese gardens

Next, he looked at the old General Store Photo.

Finally, the Wyvern carving, after which the station was named.

On arriving at the station, he was greeted by the “Fat Controller” (FC), who provided Mike with a brief overview of the line’s history:

Starting with the open cast mine on Down Hill, and single-track line down to meet with the main line.  The mine flooded, closing the mine and line but was the event that caused the falls.  Some years later the line was reopened for tourists, and made into a circular tour, and current plans for an extension.

The lines latest acquisition Railbus “11” is the vehicle for the tour.

First stop was Playmobil siding where the local group were meeting, special dispensation had been granted to allow the Railbus to stop on the route and Mike and FC allowed to alight.

The Railbus stopped at the mini arboretum where paths and more planting is required.

Next Mike was shown the Falls, which were a result of mine collapse and after which the Railway is named.

Monument hill was the next stop, where the imported Greek pillars are situated.

The FC is extremely proud of the motive power department, so a visit to the engine shed was in order.

Though I do not feel Mike was that interested, the FC had to show him the work on the new extension.

Last stop was lower falls bridge.

With the tour complete, they returned to Wyvern Halt, where the 10-wheeler had just pulled in.

Mike thanked the FC for the tour and said he would very much like to come back when the line was finished – the FC spluttered, shook hands and Mike departed.