Camera Wagon

To This camera wagon is an item of rolling stock that will be pushed by a loco around the track, with a video camera mounted on top.

Having tried to produce a video previously of a trip around my railway, I found the biggest issues were:

  • Mounting the camera in a stable location.
  • Having the camera follow the track around bends.

This is how I overcame these issues.

How The Wagon Was Constructed

There will be very little descriptive text in this article, only where required, with the photos providing the detail.

Part 1 - First attempt

The initial donnor wagon was an LGB twin axle low sided wagon - due to its availability
Inital turntable base
Turntable base afer intial fit
Turntable drive made from a hook and bar coupling
Turntable pad
Turntable with bearing fitted
Turntable pad assembly
Modified turntable base adjusted to fit the wagon
Turntable drive fitted to bogie in place of the coupling
Turntable bearing
Turntable drive legs
Turntable pad assembly
Turntable assembly in position
Assembly with camera fitted
Close up of turntable assembly
Unfortunatly single axle bogies failed to provide the camera motion required, so a steering arm was fitted

Part 2 - Second attempt

The first attempt at a camera wagon failed badly with the bogie failing to turn sufficiently to drive the turn table, even with the steering mechanism fitted.  I was advised that a wagon with a twin axel bogie was required so that if would turn enough to follow the track

The indoor trial on a twin bogie wagon

I had already had a Bachmann stake flat wagon so the whole turntable assembly and bogie drive was transferred from the LGB twin axle wagon, and indoor trials were carried out.  With the theory working, refinements then commenced.  The main refinement being the drive taken from the bogie on the inboard side.

Live trial to confirm concept
Stakes positioned, front support in place and hole cut in the floor for the turntable drive
Bogie drive fitted, metal wheels fitted, and additional weight added to the underside of the wagon
The existing turntable base was modified to fit in the space available ensuring the turntable will engage with the drive
Turntable in place with drive engaged inboard of the wagon
Camera mounted, and indoor trials carried out, so far so good
A quick paint of the camera mount beofre the outside test
All assembled ready to go

Test run of the camera wagon around Tumble Down Falls Railway.